God is Hilarious

“A remarkable story of how one woman clung to God’s truth of her, regardless of the misperceptions of those around her, and pulled herself out of the darkest thoughts and feelings that led her to conscious choice of attempting suicide.”

“To restore the mind and body, one has to feel it to heal it, and have an open mind and an open heart to see the unseen, feel the unfelt, and hear the unheard. April is a living testimony to the process of healing her mind and body with empowering herself to learning greater truths. This is a must read for anyone touched by thoughts and feelings of suicide.”

Nikki Reed Wilson, BCND

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Creator of Holistic ReDesign

~ To all of my EDS and Dysautonomia brothers & sisters,

whether already diagnosed or not-yet diagnosed:

May you never have to experience what I experienced. May you always understand there is HOPE. May you always look out for one another and build support everywhere you’re able. Learn all you can about your many under-recognized conditions so you can become your own effective advocate.

Always, always remember: You are never alone.