God is Hilarious

Never in a million years could I have imagined finding myself locked inside of a behavioral psychiatric lockdown facility. I was living in the greatest nightmare of my life. In the midst of it all, the Spirit of God undeniably came to me and rescued me.

Although everything before me told me otherwise, within me there lay an inner peace that I couldn’t explain. When I was desperate, God found me. He had a lot to teach me. He was determined to heal my heart once and for all. Nothing had worked in the past. This time, He chose to use whatever means necessary to get my attention. Humor was certainly not on my radar.

Yet He surprised me at every turn. He took on his many bizarre forms, and He got my attention. He left me with zero doubt that His promises are true. I am now certain that I am never alone. I am certain of how very loved I am, and I cannot foresee there ever being a time when I will ever feel lost again.

"This gripping auto-biographical account of a nurse's harrowing journey through life and 'standard medical treatment' for 'non-standard' medical conditions, outlines the incredible challenges she has endured to not only survive, but to become a stronger person who is committed to advocating for the many whose lives have taken a detour from 'normality. For fellow sufferers, their families and friends, this work will help gain insight and help their healing process."
Dr. Umesh A. Patel, MD FACC